Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Setting a new target for myself for the year

When I started this blog I was focused on running a 1000 miles in a year. And then I tore my calf muscle. I limped for a few weeks, then I did what the doctors said I shouldn't and started running..probably a little too early and a little too hard. I am a terrible patient. Since then my calf muscle has twinged, pulled and ached away. But if nothing else I have a combination of "balls and stupidity". While I was limping my wife was running her first half marathon ...in 2.5 hours! She's the determined one...she puts her mind to something and just gets on with it...she did it with 4 months of training. This past weekend our twin boys did their first triathlon at the age of 7.5. 4 lengths of the pool, 2.5 mile bike ride and 0.6 mile run. They did it and they did it well. Tyler was the "fire in the belly" guy just LOVING the competition. Taylor was the "get it done" guy focused on finishing and getting self-pride. Sharon and I are so proud of them both! This weekend Sharon does her first triathlon in Raleigh. She has a new bike, a svelte new body of muscles and attitude and she is damn focused. She'll do great!
In June I do my first sprint triathlon...10 lengths of the pool, 12 mile bike ride and 5km run...on the day that I turn 46 years old. Then in June Sharon and I will both do another sprint triathlon. We're becoming quite the family...
Now..since I thrive on challenges and targets and can't run 1000 miles this year (I'd need to do 4 miles a day with a horrible work and travel schedule!) I have set a new challenge. It might not be the most challenging but I've never done it...I want to run a 5km race in 25 minutes. I don't want to do it on a treadmill, though I will train on one occasionally, but I want to run it in a road race. That's the target...and in NC in the summer in the heat it's going to hurt. Who said pain doesn't develop a person. We'll see...and hopefully won't end up with another injury...balls and stupidity....that's me...

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