Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day Three and Popping with Energy

Day: 3/365
Total mileage: 11/1000

It's the third of January and I added a 5km run onto the total tonight at around 11:30pm. I bought a new pair of running shoes a couple of weeks ago and they are just starting to break in. Despite the fact that they are wide enough for me they are rubbing slightly on the left foot and by the end of tonight's run I'd added a third blister to the other two I have on the little toe of my left foot. I'd hoped to add a 5 miler tonight but unfortunately I was biasing the run in a way that my right calf was feeling the result of favoring the left foot. I've heard all types of advice over the years regarding blisters and that they should be left alone in some cases and popped in other cases. I'm all for the slice and dice approach to get it over with and let it recover..that comes from climbing 14000 foot mountains with a few hour hikes and going up and down the Grand Canyon in a few hours...down the South Kaibab and up the Bright Angel..starting by flashlight at 3am. Finishing at 5km I released the pressure on the blister. My wife did a great job today running outside at around 9am with one of our sons, Taylor. Taylor and Sharon did about 1.3 miles together and then Sharon added on another 5 on her own. It was about 20F with wind chill so that was good running!

My right calf took a little hit tonight and I ended up doing a lot of stretching of the achilles/calf to compensate. Not sure how it will feel tomorrow so I might take a day off or add a couple of slow miles only.

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