Thursday, January 7, 2010

An old wound from Scifoo lets go again so onto the bike trainer tomorrow

When  I started this journey on January 1st of this year to run 1000 miles this year I was starting knowing that I had an old injury hanging over from my visit to Scifoo '09 in San Francisco last year. While I was out there I took a run one afternoon and about a mile into the run I came off the sidewalk and felt something pull in my calf muscle. I limped home that day and over the next few months I'd take a few weeks off and then start running again only to have the pulled muscle/achilles (not sure which) return. Every night I've been the running I've been feeling that area in my calf but have been managing to run through it as its not painful per se, just uncomfortable. That's not the situation right now...I hit 1.7km into my 5km run tonight and everything came to a grinding halt as my calf muscle or something in that area simply let loose and I went hopping down the treadmill on my left leg trying to hit the stop button. At this stage I'm sitting on the floor with my leg on a big ice pack. I'd say I'm done for a few days, maybe longer and I'm going to have log my miles on my indoor bike trainer. I'll likely have to swap an hour of bike training to equate to a 5km run but so be it. Damn my leg hurts...advil before bed...


  1. Based on the description here I have Grade 2 calf strain....ow.


  3. Hi Tony,
    I just come across your new blog and I'm very sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you'll have a speedy recovery!
    This year I also planned a similar challenge but I managed to start it only today because of a very bad cold I've been suffering since last 25th Dec :-(

    Might I suggest an alternative to the bike trainer?
    A friend of mine (he was the middle distance track events manager of the Spanish athletics teams for the last 5 Oliypic Games. I believe he's still holding the same position) recommended me a few months ago to use the Elliptical Trainer ( is as it's the ideal substitute for running because of its minimal impact. In fact, it's being used by many marathonians and proffesional athletes when they are injuried. Of course, only if the injury allows you to use it.

    Good luck!

  4. Carlos..thanks for the best wishes. I am off crutches and only have a slight limp. I can't run yet for sure but I do intend to get on the bike tonight. WHat's your challenge? How far? If you use Nike Plus then maybe when I start again we can be virtual partners?
    I will try. the elliptical at the gym tomorrow. Thanks for the recommendation! WIll definitely try it...I did so once before but preferred running but choice. I think I will be fine as long as I take it easy. Thanks for the suggestion...will take it willingly